Painting The Snowdog – Week 3

Paint Your Own Snowdog Art Club

It’s week three and students from St. Luke’s Primary School Art Club start painting their own Snowdog. It got a little messy, to say the least!

The Paint Your Own Snowdog figurines will be decorated with their Snowdog designs over the next 2 weeks. Follow the Paint Your Own Snowdog blog posts to view the Art Club’s Paint Your Own Snowdog progress!

Having designed their Snowdog characters and chosen the colour palette, this week students from years 4, 5 & 6 began painting their Snowdog. Starting with drawing a light outline of the design onto the Snowdog figurine they then progressed onto painting the base layer of colour!


The Footie Snowdog design is delicately drawn on


The Teddy Bear Snowdog design is drawn on as a guide for painting

Hairdryers at the ready, the base layers of paint were blasted dry to speed up the process and allow students to build up more coats to get the colour looking nice and solid.


The Help for Heroes Snowdog gets his first coat of paint!


00Paw gets his grey tuxedo lovingly applied.


The Puddles Snowdog gets a fur coat!

The art club used not only the 6 water based paints and brush that come with the Paint Your Own Snowdog but some special gloss acrylic paint from the art cupboard. In the coming weeks, they’ll be using more special art materials including Posca Pens courtesy of Cass Art!


The Golden Compass Bear Snowdog work in progress


Paint Your Own Snowdogs work in progress!

Next week students will start painting their secondary colour, adding more layers before applying the details of their designs. Drawing closer to the end of St.Luke’s Art Club we’re really looking forward to seeing the student’s final pieces and their Snowdog canvases come to life!

Snowdog Art Trails

Snowdog Art Trails