What are the Snowdog figurines made of?

They are made of porcelain and hand-finished. Each figurine is made from several parts and then fired three times at high temperature.

Why is there a hole on my figurine, is it defective?

The hole is to allow air to escape during the firing process. Without the hole, the figurine would explode in the kiln.

Is each individual figurine identical?

No, each figurine is handcrafted and therefore no two will be identical. We believe that this adds to their unique charm.

Are the figurines exact replicas of the large Snowdogs?

We have tried to match them as closely as possible to the large Snowdogs but in some cases, manufacturing restrictions do not allow for an exact copy. However, we have tried hard to capture the “essence” of each sculpture.

Are the Snowdog figurines toys?

No, they are decorative ornaments and being made of ceramic they are quite fragile. They are designed for display rather than play. Not suitable for children under 5 years old and contains small parts.

How big are they?

The Snowdog figurines stand proud at 16cm tall, 9cm wide and 18cm long the perfect proportions for any solid work desk, bookcase or shelf. Each Snowdog figurine is packaged in a Snowman and Snowdog branded box at 25cm wide by 14cm tall by 22.5cm long. This is then wrapped and parcelled up in a mailing box for delivery. So they’re not small but are pawfectly formed. The mailing box is 26.5cm wide by 15.7cm tall by 24.8cm long.

How much do they weigh?

One figurine weighs just over 1kg within the gift box and 1.2kg in the mailing box.

Does the charity make anything from them?

Not this year (2019). In the past we have partnered with hospice charities whereby an agreed percentage of each figurine is paid to the charity. The actual amount varies depending on the sales method – online, through the charity’s shop or via other retailers.

Are the Snowdog figurines available to buy in shops?

You maybe be lucky enough to find them in Nymans, Ashford Tourist Information Centre, Ty Hafan, Martlets Hospice and St Oswald’s charity shops while stocks last.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, international shipping is available when purchased via this website.

Will there be any new designs available?

Yes, and if you’re signed up to the Collectors Club you’ll be the first to know.

Where is the unique code to register my figurine?

The unique code can be found on the “hang tag” or insert card that came with your Snowdog. If you no longer have the hang tag or insert card (shame on you!) please email us and we can let you have a new code.

What’s the relationship between Snowdog Art Trails and Wild in Art?

Snowdog Art Trails is a brand name Garden Art UK Ltd has been granted a license to use by Snowman Enterprises Limited. Garden Art UK Ltd operates under the trading name of Wild in Art Retail. VAT No: 904 514 743 | Registration No: 6073427 | www.wildinart.co.uk

More questions?

Please email hello@wildinart.co.uk

Snowdog Art Trails

Snowdog Art Trails