Crafty Snowdogs – Week 4

The Snowdog Art Club Paint Your Own

Week 4 of St. Lukes Paint Your Own Snowdog Art Club sees students from years 4, 5 & 6 getting creative with their selection of art materials. With only one week to go the students get busy layering up paint in readiness for those finishing touches!

The Paint Your Own Snowdog figurines will be finalised with their Snowdog designs over the next week. Follow the Paint Your Own Snowdog blog posts to view the Art Club’s Paint Your Own Snowdog progress!

The students have an armoury of art materials at their disposal including the 6 water based paints and brush that come with the Paint Your Own Snowdog. In addition, they are using a special gloss acrylic paint, silver and gold glitter, ribbons, emulsion and Posca Pens courtesy of the nice people at Cass Art.

Paint Your Own Snowdog Art Club progress

The Mr. Cloudy Snowdog drying off before getting a coat of white clouds next week.

Paint Your Own Snowdog Art Club progress

The Skater Snowdog is pretty in pink ready and waiting for a set of wheels next week.


Teddy Bear Snowdog dries off in readiness for some new patches next week


The Cupcake Snowdog gets a light dusting of pastel pink


00Paw is looking cool with his shades and tuxedo

Paint Your Own Snowdog Starry Starry Night

The Starry, Starry Night Snowdog shows off his glossy coat which glistens in the light!

The gloss acrylic takes slightly longer to dry but is well worth the wait for the super shiny results! It has been used to create shiny wellington boots and glossy wet Snowdog noses.


Puddles is ready for a splash with those gloss black wellington boots!


The Golden Compass Bear Snowdog gets a gloss black nose and a bit of extra sparkle!


This Snowdog gets an extra dusting of silver glitter!

Paint Your Own Snowdog using Posca Pens

The Footie Snowdog gets some football boots

With the support of the nice people at Cass Art, the students were able to start adding detail to their Snowdogs using Posca Pens. Being paint based and with a range of different nib sizes, the Posca Pens allow for easy application of smooth, thick lines of paint.

Posca Pens

Posca Pens supplied by Cass Art

The students will be getting to grips with the Posca Pens in their final art club next week when they add those all important finishing touches.


The Paint Your Own Snowdogs dry off, ready and waiting for the finishing touches next week!

With only one week of St. Luke’s art club left to go, we’re all so very excited about seeing the final Snowdog results! Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Snowdog Art Trails

Snowdog Art Trails