For the first time in Wild in Art history Snowdog COLLECTORS CLUB MEMBERS were invited to get involved in the design and direction of The Snowdog figurine range by submitting ideas for a new Snowdog to join the pack. Meet ‘Starry Night’ the winning design which will be produced as a figurine and sculpture set to launch at Snowdogs: Tails in Wales in September 2017.  Congratulations to Benjamin Fowler, a year 5 pupil at St. Luke’s Primary School and designer Heather Penten, who both submitted designs inspired by the night sky. You’re both stars in our eyes!


Benjamin Fowler and Heather Penten submitted designs that were inspired by The Snowman and The Snowdog’s adventures through the night sky. Proving not only do great minds think alike but the magic of The Snowman and The Snowdog speaks to people of all ages.


Over 1000 Collectors invited

There were over 1000 Collectors Club members invited to take part in the design competition.


Design submissions received

Wild in Art received 45 incredible design submissions between 1 – 28 February 2017.


People on the judging panel

There were 7 judges; from designers to marketing, manufacturers to event partners and Penguin Licensing.


Deserving winners!

Great minds really do think alike. Benjamin and Heather’s design will be produced as a figurine and sculpture launched at Snowdogs: Tails in Wales.

Benjamin Fowler’s Inspiration

“I followed the advice to not use too many colours and to not do anything too complicated. My favourite colour is blue and that is where I started.  When I had painted my Snowdog dark blue I just thought that it looked like the night sky and then I thought about putting stars on.”

Heather Penten’s Inspiration

“Having always been fascinated by the night sky I often find myself gazing towards the bright, twinkling stars as they appear cast across a blue velvet night sky. There is a magic about the night’s sky and its infinite sparkling stars representing endless wishes and dreams . . . even the possibility of new adventures like that found in The Snowman and The Snowdog story.”

Find out more about Benjamin and Heather in the Collectors Club Artist Profiles.

Snowdog Art Trails

Snowdog Art Trails